Getting Started

July 31, 2019


Getting started. Putting pen to paper, or typing out the words, can be the hardest part of the process. As an example, this first post is going to be short, but I hope sweet. Once there is a vague idea in your head for a story, such as Safe Haven, you need to decide how. How are you going to develop your story and characters?

There are two types of writer's I've determined by talking to other writers. They designate themselves into plotters and pantsers.You need to figure out which you are.

Plotters, are those that need to outline and research before they do anything else. These writer's will spend a great deal of time getting to know their characters, plot, and setting. Only then, can they move on.

However, the alternative are the ones that fly by the seats of their pants. The sit down and type their first word, and keep going until they reach they end. They made not even have an idea of how the story ends, except for a general idea of where the writer would like it to go.

But in the end they both end up with marvelous tales to tell you. So if you are a person who thinks this may be a job for you. Which do you think you are? Figure that out and a your battle with the pen has begun.